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Judges who passed through terrorism Circuits




Women and minors who were arrested in the backdrop of political cases




Total number of prisons, including public, central prisons and Limans


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“The Struggle for Freedom”

A young man once tried to soar high and felt that he could affect regime change through the January revolution.

He believed that freedom and love are the best things in life.
He participated as a doctor at Rabaa El Adawiya Mosque, where he saw the remains of martyrs and made efforts to save the lives of a few, but God willed to welcome them into paradise by his side, leaving us to continue demanding justice for the martyrs' rights.

The Recipe for Suffering

By an Egyptian student in her mid-twenties. She began studying law but was imprisoned instead of being able to pursue her studies because of her arrest during a protest movement at the university. She chose to write anonymously for protection. 

I am now free from the prison clamps and repression of guards and prison watchwomen.

After years of oppression, at a maximum, the concept of freedom for me has become limited to leaving the prison cells, being free when the door opens, being able to leave my room, going into the street and raising my head, and being able to see the sky without iron barriers and at my timing, not a time set by the whim of the prison officers or orders from political authorities.


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